Connecting Talent with Opportunities

The RISE education model is made possible by the intentional curation and connection to entrepreneurs, investors, industry partners and organizations in the communities in which our work is done. The ecosystems we help to foster and grow are filled with the builders of communities.

Our Students Are at the Center of It All

We believe individuals possess unique strengths and skills and an inherent ability to create. We foster this ability by focusing on developing an entrepreneurial mindset while connecting the individual to the processes and tools needed to execute on viable ideas. We meet the individual where they are and invite them into an environment that is both challenging and inspiring.

“The RISE program focuses on the individual and understanding different strengths and abilities that you bring to the table and how you can impact your community.”

Startup Moxie and AEP Grad: Cat Edmonds - Business Development BlackInk IT & Orr Fellow
Local Ecosystems Thrive with Innovation and Immersion

The local entrepreneurial ecosystem thrives with innovation. We aim to put individuals in the driver’s seat of their own entrepreneurial journey through unique community centered experiences like fireside chats, workshops and tours. We empower them to connect, collaborate and build their own personal network.

“It’s all about bringing the right people to the community. Strategy is everything. You’re never not networking.”

Leslie Pinson, Owner of Local Spirit
We Provide the Building Blocks for Entrepreneurship

Start with action, and build from there. Through action, we learn. Through learning, we build. Without courage and curiosity leading action, there is no growth. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, analyzing results, and learning from the outcomes.

“If you want to see change in your life then this is definitely the program to join because it teaches you life skills that you simply cannot learn in school, which is invaluable throughout your entire career going forward.”

RISE Grad: Kevin Torres - Auditor Deloitte

RISE Teacher Training

RISE teacher training is taught by talented educators, entrepreneurs, and community builders. The essence of this training is driven by the way it is facilitated. You will experience an immersive and vibrant atmosphere where we model what a day in the life looks like for a RISE student.

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