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Re-Imagining the Entrepreneurial Education Experience

Our college and community program provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. Whether aspiring to start a business, join a startup, or simply develop an entrepreneurial mindset, these experiences create the framework necessary for success.

Entrepreneurial Life Design
Idea to revenueTM
Revenue LabTM



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Entrepreneurial Life Design

Key Aspects →
  • Vision and Purpose
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Growth
  • Financial Mindset


August 27, 2024 – October 17, 2024 | 8 Weeks
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 – 7:00pm
The Foundation to Entrepreneurship: A Learn, Act, Build Mindset
Within Entrepreneurial Life Design, participants learn to intentionally and strategically shape their life to align with their entrepreneurial aspirations, values, and goals. Just as entrepreneurs shape and mold their businesses, they can also design their lives to maximize fulfillment, creativity, freedom, and impact.

Participants assess their personal strengths, weaknesses, and entrepreneurial potential, developing and wrestling with their “why” along
the way.

Idea to Revenue™

Topic Overview →
  • Personal Inventory
  • Discovery Phase
  • The May-B-P
  • Honing Your Sales Pitch
  • Scaling Your Market Outreach
  • Gauging the Profitability of Your Venture
October 29, 2024 – December 19, 2024 | 8 Weeks
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 – 7:00pm
From idea generation to viable business creation
Idea to Revenue™ guides participants from idea generation to viable business creation, through launching an actual business as a class or group. It combines personal reflection, community observation, go-to-market tactics, and AI-powered tools. Participants will learn to:

  • Validate business concepts

  • Refine sales strategies

  • Use AI for planning and financial analysis

The aim of Idea to Revenue™ is to help Participants learn how to go quickly and intentionally from concept to revenue, with limited time and resources.

Idea to Revenue™ AI Tools: 
Participants have access to RISE AI bots that have been designed to help them navigate content, generate ideas, and reflect on potential strategies and solutions.

Revenue Lab™

Highlights →
    • Participant-Led Updates
    • Collaborative Workshops
    • Guest Speaker Insights
    • Peer Feedback
    • Group Discussions
    • AI Teaching Assistants
    • Reflective Action
    • Adaptive Learning
Start Date: November 7, 2024
Thursday 5:30 – 7:00pm
A Collaborative Space for Launching Ideas.
Revenue Lab™ is an interactive lab that supports Idea
to Revenue™ and focuses on real-world business development, encouraging participants to actively work on their own business ventures. Each lab meeting features a participant-led presentation on their business venture, peer collaboration for reworking strategies, and insights from guest speakers with diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Enhancing this experience, participants have access
to state-of-the-art tools and AI-powered bots, which assist in finding solutions and refining business models.