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RISE is on a mission to equip our community educators, builders, and leaders with immersive and industry-leading entrepreneurship training. We’ve developed innovative offerings that not only support licensed educators, but anyone who is interested in the building blocks of entrepreneurship.

We understand the need for various offerings that meet facilitators where they are, whether it’s expanding on classroom pedagogy, or in-depth training on AI tech and tools. Our slew of training offerings, allows RISE facilitators to build out their specific needs.


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Summer 2024 Training Overview

RISE Summer Training is hosted and facilitated by the RISE team and network of talented educators, entrepreneurs, and community builders. The essence of this training is driven by the way it is facilitated. Educators will experience an immersive and vibrant atmosphere where we model what a day in the life looks like for a RISE student and facilitator – covering our core RISE content: Entrepreneurial Life Design, Idea to Revenue™, and Revenue Lab™. Our flexible and agile content has been designed to apply across education and industry needs.

You will find these courses translated into our local high school and college pathways below.


Entrepreneurial Life Design
Idea to revenue
Small Business Operations

Entrepreneurial Life Design Training

Training ONLY: $300
Training + 1-Year LMS Access: $500


Monday, June 3rd – Tuesday, June 4th, 2024:
Within the RISE Entrepreneurial Life Design experience, facilitators guide students through the process of intentionally and strategically shaping their life to align with their entrepreneurial aspirations, values, and goals. Just as entrepreneurs shape and mold their businesses, they can also design their lives to maximize fulfillment, creativity, freedom, and impact. As Entrepreneurial Life Design is the foundation to building an entrepreneurial mindset, this training isn’t just for our educators! RISE Entrepreneurial Life Design can also be applied outside of classroom spaces, bringing incredible impact to small businesses, nonprofits, and large institutions.

In this collaborative training session, our team will demo what an immersive and engaging Entrepreneurial Life Design experience actually looks like. Training attendees will also gain access to the RISE platform of content, tools, and strategies needed to dive into the “why” behind any entrepreneurial idea and life.

This session covers: 

  • Next Level Programs of Study: Principles of Entrepreneurship (7154)

  • ENTR 100 and ENTR 200 Dual Credit Crosswalked

Idea to Revenue™ Training

Training ONLY: $300
Training + 1-Year LMS Access: $500

Thursday, June 6th – Friday, June 7th, 2024
RISE’s Idea to Revenue™ aims to transform participants from aspiring entrepreneurs into business owners with their first paying customers. Our Idea to Revenue™ training sessions teachers attendees how to guide themselves, students, or other participants in navigating from ideation to market entry, using their own business concepts as a foundation for practical application.

This interactive session encompasses strategies for ideation, venture discovery, market testing, and leveraging AI for budget-conscious business development. Training attendees will also gain access to the RISE platform of content, tools, and strategies.

This session covers: 

  • Next Level Programs of Study: New Venture Development (7148)

  • ENTR 215 and ENTR 218 Dual Credit Crosswalked

Small Business Operations

Training ONLY: $300
Training + 1-Year LMS Access: $500

Wednesday, June 12th – Friday, June 14th, 2024
Small Business Operations Training is geared towards our educators, especially in expanding facilitation pedagogy and strategies for assisting students as they build-out development plans and principles for the long-term success of their businesses, especially around financial growth, legal concepts, and business expansion. This session focuses on bringing engaging techniques to the classroom space. Attendees will engage in a demo of what an immersive and engaging lesson looks like. Training attendees will also gain access to the RISE platform of content, tools, and strategies.

This session covers: 

  • Next Level Programs of Study: Small Business Operation (7147)

  • ENTR 220 Dual Credit Crosswalked

Please note: Educators will need to communicate with Ivy Tech for credentialing requirements for their students to be able to receive Ivy Tech Dual College Credit.

Training Highlights

  • In-depth overview and playbook of RISE pedagogy, approach, resources and content, as well as the overall RISE experience. Educators will leave with a thorough understanding of what success looks like in a RISE environment.
  • Collaborative sessions with in-person connection to other entrepreneurship educators and facilitators. Participants also gain instant connectivity to the RISE statewide network of entrepreneurship educators, community builders, and thought-leaders.
  • Walkthrough and demo of the RISE learning platform, curriculum, and tools, as well as an annual subscription to the platform.
  • Demo of what a RISE entrepreneurship experience/class feels and looks like, as well as the strategies and tools for application. Training on AI within the classroom and new RISE bots for student assistance.
  • *For Ivy Tech Educators: Participation in the PDP Personality Survey, as well as a personal survey readback. The PDP Survey is a global survey that examines how a participant works most effectively and reacts under stress. This survey allows educators to identify and dive deep into their own behavioral traits, as well as how they communicate with others and prefer to be communicated with. Educators are able to take these skills into the classroom for increased understanding of student needs, decision-making styles, energy capacity, and motivators–understanding that is crucial to the creation of a mastery-based and innovative learning environment. Please note: Post-RISE Training, all Ivy Tech educators have continued access to a PDP classroom facilitation and readback by the RISE team.