Holy Cross and RISE Come Together to Host Students from Across the Country

August 28 , 2018

On the afternoon of two consecutive Thursdays, RISE opened its doors to students from the Saints & Scholars program through Holy Cross College, one of our collegiate educational partners for the Applied Entrepreneurship Program (AEP).

RISE led Saints & Scholars students through one of the many tools we use in both the Startup Moxie and AEP – Human Centered Design, and took it a step further to Student Centered Design. RISE approaches all of its programming from the perspective of the student, gaining deeper empathy for the individual and building around individual perspectives. We seek out problems and pose the question “How Might We…?”

For Saints & Scholars, we walked through the process of Student Centered Design based on the question of “How might we create an inclusive environment for all students?” While they generated their own “How Might We” questions, we facilitated the discussion to stem from this big question. Here are the three takeaways we learned from this process:

  • Compassion is universal. From family-style dinners for new students to reaching out to students who might need a friend, Saints & Scholars participants generated over 100 ideas for how to be inclusive.
  • The future is bright. When programs like Saints & Scholars and RISE partner together for the good of students, great outcomes happen. Participants left more equipped to include their peers and with a deeper understanding of what it feels like to be excluded.
  • We are unique. The number one question we heard was “Do organizations like RISE exist anywhere else?” The short answer is no. RISE is unique to the South Bend-Elkhart region, partially because the region is ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship and partially because RISE operates from a place of quality over quantity.

Interested in exploring Human Centered Design? Discover more at IDEO.org. Interested in learning more about our process? Contact us.