Looking Forward to a New Year

August 13 , 2018

There’s a saying that “time flies when you’re having fun.” This summer has certainly been the embodiment of that phrase!

Over the summer months, the RISE team has been working hard towards “constant significant improvement.” To that end, we are eager to start the new year with 52 students – 39 in the Startup Moxie program and 13 in the Applied Entrepreneurship Program representing 12 schools from throughout the South Bend-Elkhart Region.

We’ll share more about our approach to Student-Centered Design in a future blog, but here are a few highlights of what the year ahead holds for our students:

  • Customized training and experience: Whether our students come in with an idea for a new venture or are more interested in intrapreneurship, we are building tours, talks, and experiences that directly correlate to their interests, and we’re doing it with them, not for them.
  • Deep reflection: Our Startup Moxie students experience a significant number of tours and talks, and we want to ensure their experience has a high stickiness factor. Every Friday is a day of reflection and application.
  • Iteration: As with any entrepreneurial experience, iteration is the name of the game. We will always try new processes, new experiments, and new ideas – as long as we can learn from them. Iteration is something that we, as a team, live by and model for our students.

At the end of the day, we look at our programming under the motto of: Don’t be the best, be the only. For RISE, it’s about quality over quantity, accelerating and accentuating students innate interests and skills, and creating effective teams out of those diverse skills and interests.

Here’s to another great year of RISE programming!

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