RISE creates programming to proactively and positively impact the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. We currently operate through the high school program, Startup Moxie, the collegiate program Applied Entrepreneurship Program, and the collegiate community of Ivy Tech. We are also strategically partnering with the IT sector to develop certification and internship opportunities for students. Our outcomes come directly from the success of our students.

  • Are they creating viable businesses that have an impact on the community?
  • Are there internship opportunities for our students at local companies?
  • Do they have resources in the community that they can turn to for advice and future job opportunities?
  • Are our students getting involved on their own in the community?

All of these will impact the main goals of developing students who are entrepreneurs of their own lives and who create an impact in the workforce retention of the area and to continue to fuel the entrepreneurial eco system in the region.

Act. Learn. Build.

Beyond the major goals, success also comes from the conversations with the students and learning how they plan to use the learned skills beyond the class. Some of the created businesses have continued to run while students are in college. Additionally, some of the students have changed their future plans because they are able to see the region or industry in a different light and maintain strong relationships with their mentors from the class.

Another key area we would like to expand is the alumni network from the students coming out of our programs. Helping alumni stay connected & networked in the region is critical to sustain success and understand the impact of the programs moving forward.

Applied Entrepreneurship Program

Launched in the Fall of 2017, the Applied Entrepreneurship Program (AEP), serving thirteen students from five colleges and universities. One of the cornerstones of the program is combining students from different walks of life to work together through the program and to assist them in building a regional network.

To learn more about the Applied Entrepreneurship Program,  click here.


Startup Moxie is a regional program serving high school students in creating an entrepreneurial mindset. Our students work with local business leaders to understand and share their knowledge to create the next generation of innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The high school program allows students to hone their entrepreneurial mindset and apply their skills through a class business and creation of their own personal business.

To learn more about Startup Moxie Saint Joseph County, click here.

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