Regional Innovation and Startup Education (RISE) works with key stakeholders at the state level to break down barriers and open up the entrepreneurship talent pipeline by changing the way entrepreneurship is taught in K-12 and higher education settings.

RISE equips entrepreneurship educations with the knowledge and resources to facilitate entrepreneurship–and radically connects entrepreneurs to their community.

Immersive Student Centered Experiences

RISE gives budding entrepreneurs the tools, resources, and immersive experiences they need to harness their potential, hone their business skills, and turn their great ideas into viable products and companies.

RISE programs:

  • Inspire students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Challenge entrepreneurs to take risks, analyze the results, and learn
    from the outcomes
  • Connect students with local investors and business leaders for fireside chats,
    tours, and mentorship
  • Introduce participants to a wide range of local businesses and their origin stories
  • Cultivate a mindset for lifelong learning & self confidence
  • Develop time management and professionalism skills
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It’s never too early to innovate

RISE programming prepares entrepreneurs to make the most of their drive, creativity and passion for changing the world in a variety of settings. RISE works with entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds - including but not limited to: K-8 programming through Boys and Girls Club, high school programming through Startup Moxie and Next Level Programs of Study, and college and community programming through the Applied Entrepreneurship Program and partnerships with college institutions and community organizations.

Never not networking

RISE program students are thrust into the heart of the local entrepreneurial community, participating in unique experiences that enable them to form meaningful connections and launch their startups.

Become part of RISE ecosystem

RISE is on a mission to increase entrepreneurship programming by providing instructor training, curriculum, mentorship, and connectivity for all entrepreneurial classrooms.

In the state of Indiana, RISE is partnered with Ivy Tech to offer dual credit for any high school running the Next Level Programs of Study Entrepreneurship Pathway. Join us in improving entrepreneurship education in the state - and capitalizing on our greatest untapped resources: our innovative students.

No matter what level you are teaching at, if your school would like to offer RISE programming, please contact Cole Kuiper at to discuss entrepreneurship at your school.

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