Experiment. Embrace failure. Keep improving. Never settle.

Startup Moxie St. Joseph County transforms the lives of high school students in St. Joseph County by encouraging entrepreneurial thought and offering the resources and support that truly innovative thinking requires.

With nine schools and 40 students participating, we bring together a diverse group of young adults to learn more about entrepreneurship—and themselves—through immersive experiences.

How might we?

Startup Moxie St. Joseph County program participants ask the question “How might we…?” to encourage new approaches to everyday challenges. We help students put their ideas into action using the tools at hand, pivot their perspective when necessary, and continue to build on what they learn.

The Experience

Startup Moxie St. Joseph County is a four-credit high school class and offers students the opportunity to achieve a Certificate of Entrepreneurship through Ivy Tech that is worth 16 dual college credits. Startup Moxie St. Joseph County meets Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Students will:

  • Hear from community leaders about their business ventures, life experiences,
    and perspective on the South Bend-Elkhart region
  • Be challenged to generate ideas–and refine them
  • Tour behind the scenes of local businesses
  • Learn how to de-risk ideas and launch their startups
  • Pitch to investors
  • Understand the value of creativity, courage, and confidence in business
  • Build their professional network

Applications Open For 2024-2025

If you have any questions, please contact Emily at emily@raisingtheregion.org

Our Schools: