Iris Hammel

Cofounder & Executive Director

Iris Hammel is a creative problem solver and lifelong learner with a passion for helping others to unleash their potential through connecting people, resources and ideas.

Iris’s unique background consists of over ten years of both business and education. This experience includes being a co-founder of Connected Classrooms and as well as starting an entrepreneurial middle school. Iris wants to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on our community.

Nick Paliga

Director of Entrepreneurship Education

Nick is a passionate educator who has excelled in designing and delivering effective instruction across multiple grade levels. While teaching all core subjects, he also enjoyed creating and implementing after school clubs, promoting skills from engineering to personal wellness. Since graduating from Purdue University in 2016, he has been dedicated to his mission of creating personalized and diverse instruction in order to bring success to each and every student.

He comes from a family with multiple generations of entrepreneurship. He is eager to bind his background in education and entrepreneurship in order to give students of all ages an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Omodara Ogijo

Software Engineer

Omodara is a tech enthusiast and futurist. His daily activities revolve around implementing automation tools to optimize workflows and processes. Additionally, he leverages AI to create solutions that streamline entrepreneurship education.

With a degree in Innovation Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame, he possesses a deep understanding of the intersection between teaching entrepreneurship and technology, identifying gaps and opportunities in this field.

Grace Baker

Lead Facilitator

Grace started as the Lead Facilitator for the Start-up Moxie program in August 2023. She joins the team with a diverse professional background with experience across various industries with a focus in the hospitality, travel and food & beverage industry where she specialized in operations, strategic partnerships, supply chain logistics, marketing & events and brand development.

Grace believes students are an underutilized resource in our communities and are filled with incredible talent. She is excited to bring her real world experience to the classroom and help guide students as they grow into the next generation of community builders.

Logan Herzog

Growth Advisor

Logan has over 7 years of experience running growth efforts for Silicon-Valley-backed startups. A specialist in low-cost, cutting-edge growth tactics, he’s helped over 250 startups re-imagine how they grow their business, and built several ventures of his own.

Using his knowledge in startup growth, Logan working in APAC and LATAM helping startup communities up-skill and build their growth talent. Now he’s focused on using his skills to build up local economies in Indiana. In addition to his work at RISE, Logan is an Innovation Fellow and Visiting Instructor at the University of Notre Dame

Kaden Sheets

Startup Coach

Kaden is a Startup Moxie graduate and an AEP Alumni. In his role, Kaden works with the education department to curate entrepreneurial content and assists with the RISE team’s needs.

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