Iris Hammel

Executive Director

Iris Hammel is a creative problem solver and lifelong learner with a passion for helping others to unleash their potential through connecting people, resources and ideas.

Iris’s unique background consists of over ten years of both business and education. This experience includes being a co-founder of Connected Classrooms and as well as starting an entrepreneurial middle school. Iris wants to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on our community.

Matthew Stackowicz

Program Director, Applied
Entrepreneurship Program

Matthew Stackowicz is a creative entrepreneur and educator. His 18 years as an educator, love for world travel, numerous speaking engagements, and creative entrepreneurial endeavors bring a unique perspective into the classroom and community. His most recent endeavor, Stack Haus, is a combination of vintage furniture, flowers & plants, and photography. It is more than likely you will see his new plant truck popping up around town in the near future! He believes that every student has the potential to change their own lives and this world through entrepreneurship and loves working with students of all ages toward transformation.

Lauren Salela

Event Coordinator

Lauren is an enthusiastic college student with a deep passion for creating deep positive impacts on not only the people in her life, the community and the world we live in. She strives every day to grow as an individual, connect with those around her, and further her education in every way possible.

Lauren is currently a sophomore at Butler University studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Marketing in the Lacy School of Business.

Leslie Pinson

Startup Moxie Facilitator

Cole Kuiper

Business Development

Cole Kuiper is a 2020 Finance graduate from IUSB and a lifelong advocate for entrepreneurial endeavors. Cole believes entrepreneurship is a vital life skill that helps individuals recognize the hard work and perseverance it takes to accomplish goals in order to live the life they wish for.

Cole has worked in startups ranging from SaaS Business-to-business sales in medical education, event management, and solar energy. He is passionate about helping others achieve financial stability and creating a long term model for sustaining wealth and happiness.

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RISE teacher training is taught by talented educators, entrepreneurs, and community builders. The essence of this training is driven by the way it is facilitated. You will experience an immersive and vibrant atmosphere where we model what a day in the life looks like for a RISE student.

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