Meet Our Team


Executive Director

Iris Hammel is a creative problem solver and lifelong learner with a passion for helping others to unleash their potential through connecting people, resources and ideas.

Iris’s unique background consists of over ten years of both business and education. This experience includes being a co-founder of Connected Classrooms and as well as starting an entrepreneurial middle school. Iris wants to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on our community.


Program Director, Startup Moxie

A jack-of-all-trades, Lara has professional experience in scientific research, communication and outreach, media, change and project management, and analytics.

Originally from New Zealand, Lara spent seven years at The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research as a plant molecular biologist and intrapreneur – bringing several in-house innovations to fruition in addition to publishing scientific findings. Lara focused her passion of innovation and bringing ideas to life by pursuing an MBA from Ohio University and gained hands-on experience at the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Lara hopes to instill her training of the experimental/ design process (be curious, question everything, assume nothing) to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset so they can better adapt and overcome the challenges of this ever-changing world.

Matthew J. Stackowicz

Program Director, Applied Entrepreneurship Program

Matthew Stackowicz is an innovative educational leader with +14 years of experience working with high school and college students around the world.