Transformation through Collaboration

September 10 , 2018

The Project

When Lachesis, a strategy company focused on delivering high impact solutions to businesses, approached RISE to collaborate on a new logo design for their company, the quick and simple answer was “yes”.

RISE programs, Startup Moxie for high school students and the Applied Entrepreneurship Program for college students, engaged over 50 students in the 2017/2018 school year. The challenge was pitched to students by Lachesis Partner, Terry Ploetz. The gig? Design a logo that Lachesis can use to reflect their modern and sophisticated approach to business strategies.

The Solution

One student’s design piqued the interest of Lachesis leadership, designed by Startup Moxie Class of 2018 student, Jack Veldman. Over the summer, Jack spent time working with Terry and his team on revising the original concept and they just recently launched the new design on their website:

“It was Jack’s attentiveness in learning what we at Lachesis are all about. How our mission is more than business strategy regarding data analytics. You listened, and from such a wonderful vantage point, created something we truly feel nails the precision and understanding of what makes Lachesis great.” – Terry Platz, Partner at Lachesis.

Why Does This Matter?

Jack was able to not only provide a real solution for Lachesis, he was also compensated for his skills. He was “just a high school student,” but one that has a clear gift for creative work and a drive to do with his skills. Jack was easily one of the most creative students in the Startup Moxie program, where he launched his freelance art business – Jack Veldman Designs – that was featured at Best Wednesday Ever.

Beyond that, the partnership between RISE and Lachesis is a prime example of how the gap between industry and education is bridged through our programming. RISE provides real opportunities to our students through incredible partnerships like the one we shared with Lachesis.

Now What?

The Startup Moxie Class of 2019 is well underway in doing work with IMG College Seating at Notre Dame and the Applied Entrepreneurship Program kicked off Tuesday, September 4th. Stay tuned for more highlights about both programs coming soon.

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